David Willis' Exhibition view of lady in rumpled sheets
David Willis exhibition view
David Willis' exhibition view
David Willis' exhibition view
David Willis' exhibition view detail of tulips and lady walking

David Willis

Picking Up What I'm Putting Down

David Willis' Picking Up What I'm Putting Down will showcase the artist's new glass on panel works. 
"Although supported and surrounded by nature, the trends and forces of our culture have created the illusion of separation between our everyday lives and the 'natural order.'  This juxtaposition lives not just near the root of my work, but other and broader themes we might
Glass exists in my life as both hot and cold, flowing and static, delicate and durable.  With great clarity and total opacity,  glass is flexible to the point of shattering, and still unbelievably strong.  These contradictions mirror much of what intrigues me about nature and contribute to a great diversity of process and application.  The resulting dynamics allow me to work in an inter-disciplinary fashion within the confines of materiality,  yet without any determinable boundaries of formal expression, which is exciting.  
My newest work  continues to address image and perception, priority and practicality, complexity and simplicity.  Tying knots between myself and what I see around me." - David Willis